NITOC News - Check here often for the latest updates!

Morning Updates, Thurs 5/23:




• NITOC group picture will be taken during morning announcements. BE THERE!
The JBU Campus Store and California Café are waiting for you!!
o The Café = Great Coffee & Food! The Campus Store = Great Items!
o California Café’s coffee bar with a barista ready to make you the java of your choice is on the LEFT SIDE of the Judge’s lounge in Walker!
o The Bookstore is on the RIGHT SIDE of the Judge’s lounge in Walker!
Visit our Vendors in the Student Lounge! Get your Passports filled out and turned in.
The Information Station: LOST and FOUND; Maps, Local Discount Coupons, Extra T-Shirts & Frisbees for Sale, Answers to questions!
o Parents: If you want to participate in the Vendor Passport drawing, extra programs are available to purchase for $2 at the Info Station.
• Many campus areas were still left a mess yesterday! Please, clean up after yourselves wherever you are – in competition rooms, the Student Lounge, bathrooms, etc!

Update Tuesday night, 3/21

IMPORTANT JBU Notes! Please read.

I received several very disappointing emails and visits from staff and executives at JBU today, regarding behavior by NITOC attendees on campus here. These actions do not reflect well on our organization, and greatly undermine the relationship we have been building with this wonderful institution for several months.

Effective immediately, please observe the following:

  • NO Frisbees are permitted to be used inside ANY building on the JBU campus.
  • NO admittance to the 3rd section of the gym where the student lounge is located (located behind the curtain)
  • We need to respect the facility and its patrons, remembering that we are invited guests – so act like one!
  • Cafeteria patrons are required to clear their place at the table when they are finished, and take their dirty dishes and trash to the dish return line behind the drinks. Do not leave the cafeteria until your place at the table has been cleared!
  • The cafeteria is a single-admittance facility. You may enter only once each meal; and all food you take must be consumed inside the facility. Meal times are Breakfast 6:00-8:30PM; Lunch 11:00-2:00; Dinner 4:30 – 7:30PM.
  • Pick up trash throughout the day. Do not leave trash anywhere, anytime. Remember to put all recyclables into the blue recycling containers, and all trash into the gray trash cans. Mayfield trash should be carried out into the common areas – blue trash cans in rooms are for recyclables only! Facilities staff are unhappy with us on this front. Let’s bring a smile to their faces!

LD - Time the other flight in your room or self-time if you wish.
TP - We will provide as many timers as we can, but be prepared to self-time.


Inside the back of your programs, students will find the Vendor Pasport. Take this to each of the Vendors, located in the Student Lounge, and talk with them about their products and/or services. Then they will stamp your passport. When you have collected all the stamps, go to the Information Station and show Miss Julie. She will give you a ticket to put your name on, which you can enter into a drawing for a NEXUS 7 tablet.

Parents, if you want to participate, pick up a passport at the Information Station.

SCHOLARSHIPS! YES, You heard that right!
News Flash! For the first time ever, scholarships will be offered at NITOC! The Alliance for Defending Freedom (ADF) and John Brown University are both offering scholarship money to some individuals who excel at NITOC! Who will it be? Stay tuned to find out!

Random Acts of Kindness
Know someone who deserves kudos for a kind and generous job well done?? Let Mrs. Sharon Stahr Fisher know, and they will be entered in a raffle for some great gift cards. She will be in many places, including the Student Lounge, looking for you and your RAK nominees!

That’s it for now! Have a good night, and God bless you all!

-Laura Yeates

Alumni Social Venue Change!

Due to the inclement weather, the Alumni social will be moved inside the Walton Health Complex, to the far end of the Student Lounge area - on the other side of the curtain in the third gym. Same time, new place!

Junior Activity

The Junior Activity will also be moved from the Quad to the far end of the Student Lounge Gym.

Tues, 10:25am:

Thank you JBU!

Our hosts at JBU are the ones who gave the neat water bottles at Check-In – if you didn’t get yours yesterday, stop by the Information Station in the LRC (Bldg # 17 on your map).
JBU is also offering tours of the campus. Meet at the covered patio outside the cafeteria (Mabee Center) at any of the following times:

Tuesday/Wednesday: 9am-10am and 1:30pm-2:30pm
Thursday: 10am-11am and 12:30pm-1:30pm
Friday: 10:30am-11:30am and 1:00pm-2:00pm and 3:30pm-4:30pm

Parli Students:

If you didn’t pick up your registration packets or gifts (T-shirt, frisbee, water bottle), please visit the Information Station.


If you still need to check in, please visit the Information Station.

Visit our Vendors:

Our vendor hall is now open! Please go visit the vendors and see what they have to offer you! Then have them stamp the “Passport” in the back of your NITOC program. When every vendor has stamped your passport, go to the Information Station to be entered into a drawing for a new NEXUS 7 tablet!
For the morning of May 21, 2013:

VERY IMPORTANT! A set of 4 keys with colored rings on them was lost in the Bill George Arena last night, during the evacuation to the hallway due to the tornado. PLEASE contact the Tournament Director (Laura Yeates) immediately if they are found!

NITOC NEWS FEED: All announcements will be posted on the NITOC 2013 website on the UPDATE tab. Links will be sent to them via facebook and Twitter. Check the site throughout the day for tournament news and important weather information, etc.!


1. Extemp Draw Times for each round will be posted one hour before the start of the first Draw. Check it early to plan for meal times, etc.

2. Extemp First Draw Time starts 15 minutes prior to the start of each round of Pattern A! Today Extemp is scheduled as follows:

Round 1A : 1st Drawtime is 12:45PM

Round 2A: 1st Drawtime is 5:15PM

POSTINGS: Postings will be put up at the main entrance to each competition building. They will also be posted in 3 places in the Student Lounge in the Walton Center.

ELECTRONIC POSTINGS: will also be on the NITOC 2013 website, and notifications will be made by Facebook and Twitter.

PARLI Students– Go to the information Station in the lobby of the LRC (Learning Resource Center) to pick up T-Shirts, water bottles, and discs,

MORNING ANNOUNCEMENTS– At 8:00AM Daily in the Student Lounge (where the social dinner Monday night was held).

JUDGING AT NITOC We're very grateful to all the many parent judges who are sacrificially judging this year! Thank you, thank you for your service!!

However, our registered judge numbers do not add up to putting three judges in preliminary IE rounds. Therefore, WE ANTICIPATE THAT IE PRELIMS WILL HAVE 2 JUDGES. Please be prepared for only 2 judges in IE Rounds.

The Impact

o Based on the number of community and alumni judges, as well as parents who registered at Parent Check-in during NITOC registration and the number of judges needed, IE prelims cannot consistently be triple paneled (3 judges)
o Two judges per panel will still give appropriate results

• Debate
o Please be willing to judge both flights of LD
• This will be voluntary, but will be of tremendous help in meeting our judging needs

Construction: exercise caution while near the construction sites as there are not fences up (J Alvin Dorm, Simmons Great Hall, and North Slope Apartments)

Recycling: all plastics, cans, paper, cardboard, and glass can be recycled in our blue recycle bins. Please help us in our effort toward sustainability.

Fields: any field beyond the tennis courts is not available for use. The quad and the intramural field (at the intersection of Dogwood and University St) are available for Stoa use.

On Campus Housing Reminder: The end suites and U suites have community bathrooms. We have to designate a time each day when maintenance can clean these bathrooms. At those times all residents must vacate those suites. Campus staff have asked that those times be 9:00-11:00am in Hutchinson and 11:00-1:00 in Walker.

JBU is glad to host Stoa. We have a free gift (in addition to the water bottles) at our Vendor Table. We’ll also be offering tours of the campus starting Tuesday at 9am through Friday. For more information, visit JBU’s Vendor Table in the Soderquist Business Center.


Update as of Monday, May 20 @ 9:52 AM


Here are changes to Monday’s schedule and places due to the weather:

4:30PM – Scott York will present the State of Stoa in the Student Lounge, Walton Lifetime Health Complex.
4:30 – 6:30PM – Dinner on the Ground Welcome Social BBQ – If you purchased the catered BBQ meal, head to the Student Lounge with your blankets to enjoy our picnic inside! Additional meals will be available to purchase at the door for $7.00 (cash only). You are also welcome to bring your own food if you didn't purchase the meal.
6:30PM – We will head to the Bill George Arena (inside the same building) for the Welcome ceremony and Jason Truby in concert
6:30 – 9:30PM Late Check-in for those who were unable to get here earlier including those held back due to weather. Located in the foyer of the Bill George Arena.
NOTICE! Check-In is moved to the Student Lounge!!

Proceed to the Walton Health Complex to Check In!

Due to anticipated rain and wind, Student Check-In has been relocated to the Student Lounge area located in the practice gyms of the Walton Health Complex. Please check your map and proceed directly to the Walton Complex, unless you are competing in Parli. (separate instructions for Parli registration have been sent to Parli competitors and their families).