JBU Emergency Information

All NITOC attendees are asked to be familiar with the following Emergency Procedures at JBU, in order to act quickly and intelligently if weather-related or medical emergency situations arise.

In Case of an Emergency...

Emergency Telephone Numbers

The area code for Siloam Springs is (479)

Fire/Ambulance 9-911
Police 9-911
Poison Control 1-800-482-8948 or 1-800-332-6633

Medical Help/Advice
Hospital Emergency Room 524-4141
Siloam Springs Medical Center 524-3141
Charter Vista Hospital 1-800-545-4673


All campus buildings have fire escape routes and safety precautions clearly posted, including the locations of fire extinguishers and the nearest exits. In the event of a fire, follow the designated procedures quickly.

Severe Weather

Northwest Arkansas is prone to severe weather. In case a tornado watch or warning is issued, students need to follow proper procedures.

A tornado watch means that conditions are right for a tornado. During a watch, security and the Residence Life staff will monitor the weather reports, and students will be advised.

A tornado warning means that a tornado is imminent. When a warning is issued, you will be asked to move to secure location. For your own protection, it is mandatory to move to the secure locations during a tornado warning.

For your safety, the Siloam Springs Department of Emergency Management has established a system of storm warning sirens. Please note:

A long steady blast is for a tornado warning, take cover.

A wailing or rising and falling blast is for periodic testing.

Secure Locations (in case of a tornado)

If you’re in

Mayfield Residence Hall
Go to Basements

Arts Buildings or Bell Science Hall
Go to Walton Health Complex (if time), otherwise use bathrooms (inside wall)

Go to Downstairs bathrooms, Media Lab, hallway, or offices without outside walls.

Go to Inner hallways on the lower level

Walton Lifetime Health Complex or Bill George Arena
Go to Lower stairways or locker rooms

Walker Student Center, Berry Performing Arts Center, Balzer Technology Center, or Hutcheson Hall
Go to Lower level stairways, away from outer walls; restrooms; corridors or hallways; small inner office areas, away from glass.