Important Information for NITOC Parli Debaters

Parli Check-In has been changed to be in Mayfield Hall!

Please arrive in the Basement of Mayfield Hall by 7:30 am!

If you are participating in Parli at NITOC 2013, please read these instructions carefully! You are responsible to know and follow this information.

  1. Parli competitors are required to do a preliminary "Virtual Check-In" Sunday evening before 10:00PM by email. Send an email to Jeff Yeates at with your name on the subject line and state if you have arrived at your NITOC housing destination, or if not when you expect to arrive.

  2. There is a separate check-in for Parli competitors only, from 7:30AM-8:15AM Monday morning. Look for further details in forthcoming emails.

  3. It is our goal to provide time keepers for every Parli round, including prelims. However, we ask every debater to bring their own timepiece and be prepared to self time if necessary.

  4. More details will be added to this page as available. Check back for updates!